About Us

Arsenal Defence Academy has been simultaneously started at Gurugram and Rohtak Districts to cater to all kinds of requirements for officership in Indian Defence Services at Senior Secondary level, Graduate level and post-graduate level. It caters to both written and SSB requirements for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, OTA, Technical Entry Scheme and all lateral entries including coaching for Group X and Group Y Services.

It has been found that almost all Institutions presently take a fragmented approach to Defence Services making students cram typical answers both for the written examinations as well as SSB tests. More often than not the candidate’s real personality is ignored, rather effacted; and at best, it is a kind of patchwork on the in-built traits of the candidates.

Here, at Arsenal, it is assertively maintained that the written examinations as well as the SSB training have to be given simultaneously to candidates for as all-round, versatile growth of their personalities. Hence, all the candidates are compulsorily trained for written examination and soft skills (the extrinsic and the intrinsic abilities) for full flowering of their potential.

It is believed strongly that a decisive, clear-headed and knowledgeable boy/girl naturally possesses the ingredients to be an offices in the Defence Services. It is specifically for that that an emphasis on extra-reading, international news and value- enrichment goes hand-in-hand with a regular practice of atleast three dozen Group Discussions and an equal number of Lecturettes.

In a joint effort, three leading entrepreneurs, educationalists and social servants viz. Sumeet Malik, Naveen Dahiya and Manoj Gahlawat having a vast experience of more than two decades in academics have taken this onus on their shoulders to lead prospective potential candidates in a position of strength, fortitude and decisiveness.

Arsenal Academy, turning out capable officers to the Indian Defence Services, would be the only as well as the most coveted remuneration to itself. Seeking all candidates sharing this vision of strength and clarity of purpose, we all, at The Arsenal.

Our Faculties

Sumeet Malik
Sumeet Malik
Chairman SNGS
All India Rank 10, CDS 1997
Neha Dahiya
Neha Dahiya
Managing Director
Vatican Institute
Manoj Gahlawat
Manoj Gahlawat
Chief Managing Director
Sanjay Soni
Quantum Classes